Friday, August 7, 2009

Game - Friday, August 7 2009

Tuned into Reds Live before the game. Chris Welsh had Alex Gonzalez on Tech Talk - I tuned to Nickelodeon to watch Spongebob.

Tim Lincecum pitching tonight. I predict 10-12 K's, which at least 4 coming from the top-2 spots of the lineup (Taveras, Gonzalez). Wouldn't be surprised for a shut out tonight, either. After seeing Taveras strike out already, I'm 25% there already on my prediction. I'm also predicting an 0 for 8 night out of the top-2 spots of the lineup.

Game score prediction - Giants 8, Reds 1

Wednesday, August 5, 2009's official...losing streak is over!

I honestly have never been so happy for a win in a LONG time. When you have losing teams like the Reds have had the past 10 years, you learn to appreciate every win you get. But for me, tonight takes the cake, and here's why:

- We got to see Scott Rolen's first home run, and hit may I add, as a Cincinnati Red. This fly ball wouldn't have made it out of Toronto, and this is the reason why he will be so helpful for the Reds - his fly balls will be getting out the park and driving in runs. Not to mention...that stellar glove at 3rd base! To me, right now, there's none better in the National League. Not to mention, we're talking about National league pitching here too. Face it, Rolen's going to thrive on the Reds.

- Justin Lehr was PHENOMENAL again! I like this guy's stuff. I had seen some of his appearances with the Brewers, and I can definitely tell the difference between Justin Lehr "the Milwaukee Brewer" and Justin Lehr "the Cincinnati Red" - he has better stuff. The guy doesn't have much velocity, but he knows how to get people out. I want to see a few more starts, but I think we may have someone to compete as a replacement of Edinson Volquez for next year. I am going to put my hopes on hold for that for now though and wait to see what the future holds.

- Wladamir Balentein can hit the ball...and hard! I am liking what I see from this guy, despite the criticism I am seeing about trading Robert Manuel away for him. The guy has unbelievable power, and even to opposite field as we saw on Tuesday's game with the 2-run homer. Honestly, he should be starting every day in left field, Gomes in right, and put Sutton in CF. To me, that's good enough for the remainder of the year. I'd like to see if the Reds can work with this guy on his hitting even more. We've seen what has happened the last few years with Josh Hamilton and now Jonny Gomes, re-emerging from hitting problems - I can see big things out of him. Like I have mentioned before, he reminds me a lot of Nelson Cruz, and we ALL know what king of a year that he is having at Texas!

So the Reds come out of the game with a 4-0 victory, finally salvaging SOMETHING. It's refreshing, but it still doesn't mean that this team won't be a 100 game loser this year.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dusty continuing to be Dusty

Here's the lineup for today. Pretty much the same as yesterday in ANOTHER losing effort -

Taveras CF
Rosales 3B
Votto 1B
Phillips 2B
Gomes RF
Balentien LF
Gonzalez SS
Hanigan C
Cueto P

Why is Taveras STILL in this lineup? Dusty might as well stick Homer Bailey in CF and let him hit leadoff. Not to mention, if Dusty thinks that Rosales is a #2 hitter, but doesn't think Rolen or Phillips are, he has SERIOUSLY got something wrong with him. Hanigan should be in one of the top 2 spots of the order.

I am starting a petition online to fire Dusty Baker. This stuff is just getting ridiculous, and doesn't make any sense. The guy obviously doesn't look at statistics and plays his game solely based on "chance." I mean, by "chance" Willy Taveras gets a base hit once a month, and by "chance" Rosales might end up on base too. But playing a game based solely on "chance" isn't going to win you any ball games. "REALITY" states that those two guys rarely get on base, if at all. So by "REALITY," neither should be in the lineup and/or batting in those positions. It's obvious Dusty has lost ALL touch on "REALITY."

I'm going to wager that the Reds lose because "chance" really didn't take place today.

Click here for the petition to fire Dusty Baker: