Friday, July 31, 2009

Analysis of Today's Trades & Bronson Arroyo


As many of you know already, the Reds made two trades today right before the deadline:

- The Reds sent Edwin Encarnacion, Josh Roenicke, and Zach Stewart to the Blue Jays in exchange for Scott Rolen and the remainder of Rolen's salary for 2009 ($4 million). Initial reports had Yonder Alonso in this trade, and I literally about crapped my pants! No joke! I'm sitting at the computer, drinking my morning coffee, and BAM!!! Yonder Alonso was apparently in talks for Scott Rolen.

I am sure J.P. Riccardi wanted Alonso, but you have to give Jocketty more credit than what he is getting. We're talking about a 34 year old 3rd baseman here. While still good, he's not worth the Reds #1 2008 draft pick. Bottom line, I wouldn't have traded straight up for Rolen if it was just him and Alonso in on the trade. It's not worth it to waste the potential.

HOWEVER, I do believe we got a good deal for Rolen, and here's my reasoning why. We traded Edwin Encarnacion, who has been given MANY of chances to improve offensively and defensively and has declined year-by-year. Just look at his statistics because they don't lie. Josh Roenicke has decent stuff, but even he is a late bloomer at 27 years old and just getting into the Majors. Zach Stewart is a PROMISING player. Notice how I am emphasizing "PROMISING" here. Just because he is promising, doesn't mean he will pan out.

A pitcher has about a 25% chance of translating his success to the Majors, and obviously a 75% chance of just turning out to be another quadruple-A player. We've got 3 of these same people on the Reds roster right now: Matt Maloney, Daryl Thompson, and Homer Bailey - Bailey was even a TOP PICK! Stewart wasn't even in the top-20 prospects in the Reds organization, which is why it struck me as odd that so many people were complaining about the trade involving him. "He has a very high ceiling," a guy said. What the heck is that supposed to mean? You want to keep a guy in the minor leagues and not trade for a 7 time gold glover, 2 time silver slugger, and 5-time All Star? At 34 years old, the guy is BETTER than Edwin defensively AND offensively. Our farm system is CHOCK FULL or pitching. Just take a gander at the Triple-A roster if you need an example. Even Double-A has great pitching. I'm sorry, but unless the guy was considered to be the NEXT Jonathon Papelbon, you make this trade. It's a no-brainer, because it helps the Reds automatically.

- Jerry Hairston, Jr was traded to the New York Yankees for minor league catcher Chase Weems. Weems is only 20 years old and is in Single-A right now. The trade is insignificant and a salary clearing deal. However, it does add catching depth to the Reds farm system, and Weems does have a chance at being a backup since he bats left-handed. From what I am seeing, he doesn't have a whole lot of power, with only 1 homer on the season thus far.

Bronson Arroyo Says He Used Andro

I want to first say that Bronson Arroyo, from every report I have ever heard, and from what I see on TV, has got to be one of the biggest air-heads in the game. But today takes the cake. With talks of the Reds trading him, Arroyo opens his mouth and says he wouldn't be surprised if his name was on the 103-player list of 2003 drug tests. That's a bunch, you dumbass! That pretty much screws chances of getting rid of him and dumping his ridiculous salary that Wayne-O signed him to. Nonetheless, who in the world would want a starting pitcher with a 5.00+ ERA anyway? Oh wait...apparently the Reds would!

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