Friday, July 31, 2009

And...we've done nothing. Imagine that!

So the BLOCKBUSTER trade that went down for the Cincinnati Reds this year: Robert Manuel for Wladimir Balentien. Great job, Jocketty! You've impressed us all!

What have we learned this year about the Reds? Let's recap, shall we?

- Owner Bob Castellini is a lying, cheating, and stealing a-hole. For the last 4 years, he has lied to Reds fans about putting together a winning team. "We want to win NOW," he said. Well, Lettuce Head (Castellini), YOU and this crummy Reds team haven't been a winner in 4 years! You have consistently LIED to Reds fans, have stolen money from them in bad economic times, and put a team on the field that looks like they're swinging bats made out of wet newspaper. YOU are a failure to the city of Cincinnati, and it makes me wonder how you were even successful in the produce industry. Keep selling your cabbage and beets, buddy, because it's obvious you can't do ANYTHING right in the baseball world!

- General Manager Walt Jocketty has promised since the end of 2008 that he was going to "fill the needs" of this team before the season. We all saw that he didn't live up to his claims, because he didn't acquire a right-handed power bat in quite possibly one of the best markets (from a money standpoint) to buy in. THEN, he has the AUDACITY to bring in Willy Taveras, quit possibly the worst offensive player in the major leagues, and claim we are going to contend.

Anyone with baseball knowledge knew that the first-half surge the Reds had was too good to be true. Quite simply, the team is the worst offensive team in the major leagues, and no help from a General Manager that promised to fill the needs to bring the offense up a few notches.

So after we're 10 games below .500, and 9.5 games back in the NL Central with the minor-league team Pittsburgh Pirates on our tail, Jocketty tells Reds fans that they ARE STILL going to get a power bat to help this lineup. So he goes out and gets Wladimir Balentien. A guy that wasn't hitting his weight over in Seattle and was DFA'd. No, not actually receiving playing time...DESIGNATED FOR ASSIGNMENT. Not saying the guy won't be able to perform well, but...that's it?

This season has been a HUGE disappointment, to say the least. The last 3 years have honestly been worse than watching the Reds through the 1980's. The bright spot then...Mario Soto and Pete Rose. The bright spots now...Joey Votto, Brandon Phillips, Edinson Volquez (on the DL), Jonny Gomes, Ryan Hanigan, and Johnny Cueto (barely has an even record). So basically we have 6 guys on 25 man roster that are worth watching games for, and 2 of them don't even play on a regular basis. So you have 4 guys in a 9-man lineup that are "good." No wonder this team only scores about 2-3 runs per game. We only have 4 guys that can get on-base and 2 of them (Phillips and Votto) are put into the position to drive in runs. This is hard to even truly think about.

I could write a whole other diatribe on Dusty Baker, but I don't feel the need to write on a guy that doesn't know how to analyze player statistics before making out a lineup. "It's not Dusty's fault he's been given crappy players." No, it's not, but he still doesn't know where to insert players in the lineup so they could potentially score more runs. THAT is why the guy needs to be analyzing statistics like OBP and AVG w/ RISP. Right now his lineups don't make any sense.

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