Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The black hole of the Reds lineup

Willy Taveras (batting lead-off) and Alex Gonzalez (batting 2nd) went a paltry 0 for 8 yesterday combined. So, as I have mentioned before, Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips are hitting without anyone on base.

Nonetheless, the Reds didn't do much of anything as a team. Jonny Gomes continued to drive in runs with an RBI, though. But yet, he's still batting 7th in the lineup below Laynce Nix.

I just want Dusty to do some statistic analysis for once. Alex Gonzalez is a bench player at best for any other team except the Nationals or Padres, and Willy Taveras would've been canned right now by any other team than the Nationals or Padres.

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