Monday, July 27, 2009

Lineup for tonight

Here's another reason why Dusty Baker should be fired...

1. Willy Taveras - CF
2. Alex Gonzalez - SS
3. Joey Votto - 1B
4. Brandon Phillips - 2B
5. E. Encarnacion - 3B
6. Laynce Nix - LF
7. Jonny Gomes - RF
8. Craig Tatum - C
9. Homer Bailey - P

Willy Taveras batting lead off again (I know Dickerson is hurt), Gonzalez batting second, and Gomes batting 7th behind Nix. I'd rather have Hairston leading off over Taveras, Gonzalez belongs batting 7th at best, Brandon Phillips should be batting 2nd, and Gomes should be moved to the cleanup spot.

Hey, I'm not the manager here...but this stuff is common sense. Dusty doesn't have a lot to work with, but he sure isn't making the best of what he does have. Get rid of the guy already. This lineup is ugly.

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