Monday, July 27, 2009

Reds and Yankees Talking Arroyo Trade

Apparently the Reds and Yankees were talking an Arroyo trade today. Anyone got any thoughts on that?

According to Jeff Fletcher of AOL Fan House:

The Yankees and Reds are seriously discussing a Bronson Arroyo trade, according to Jeff Fletcher of AOL FanHouse. One of Fletcher's sources says the possible deal "will get done," though the two clubs haven't determined how much of the $4MM remaining on Arroyo's contract the Reds will pay. Arroyo will make $11MM next season and the same amount in 2011 if his team doesn't buy him out for $2MM.

To me, if the Reds get get his salary dumped for next season, that is BIG. Let the Yanks take him. They won't go to the World Series this year anyway.

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