Thursday, July 30, 2009

The trading deadline is nearing...some possible trade bait.

So we all know that the Reds acquired Wladimir Balentien from the Mariners for righty Robert Manuel. As we near the trading deadline, here are some other possible trade bait for other teams -

- Bronson Arroyo: He's been brought up in trade talks with the Yankees, Blue Jays, and multiple other teams. We definitely know he is on the trade block, so it's just a matter of time before he's shipped. Arroyo is owed a massive amount of money on his contract next year, thanks to Wonder Boy Wayne (Krivsky). Getting rid of that contract is one of Walt Jocketty's top priorities. I expect any team look looking for a quality 4th or 5th starter on path to contention to try and bring aboard his services.

- Edwin Encarnacion: The Blue Jays have inquired about him and Arroyo for a trade involving Scott Rolen. Rolen is a decent upgrade over Encarnacion at 3rd, but Edwin does have the youth still on his side. The problem is, how long are we going to wait before he lives up to his "potential?" He's streaky and a liability defensively at 3rd base. If a 3rd baseman is in a deal, expect Edwin to be shipped, regardless of where it is or who we are getting in return.

- Aaron Harang: Just like Arroyo, Harang is owed quite a bit of money next year. I've always liked Harang, so I hate talking bad about him, but the last year and a half has been dismal for him. Jocketty would love to dump both salaries, I am sure, but the odds of both Arroyo and Harang getting shipped aren't very high. I do know the Angels have inquired on Harang, but nothing solidified during those talks.

- David Weathers: While I am seemingly one of the only fans of Weathers, a veteran reliever may be traded before the end of the year, if not the deadline. We have a great bullpen, but what use is a great bullpen if you can't hit? The Reds have a lot of great pitching in the minors that could fill the spot if Weathers is traded to a contender looking for relief pitching depth. It has been confirmed that the Dodgers have been talking to the Reds about Weather's services. At one point, it was thought he would go to the Rockies, but that faded when the Rockies acquired more pitching depth in another trade.

- Arthur Rhodes: Very similar to David Weathers. Either he or Weathers could go before the deadline, if not before the end of the year. It all depends on if another team is going to absorb the most of his contract.

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