Saturday, August 1, 2009

August 1st: Rockies vs. Reds Game Post

1st inning:

We saw quickly why Scott Rolen's defense is needed on this team at 3rd. I would be willing to make a life-savings bet that Edwin would have bobbled that play. It'll definitely be funny to see how does on the artificial turf in Toronto! Ha!

Liked what I saw from Drew Sutton leading off the game - a 2-bagger on the 3rd pitch. Small ball gets him over to score.

Reds ahead, 1-0.

2nd inning:

I obviously liked what I saw from Jonny Gomes. 100mph pitch in the upper deck. Jonny is one of the bright spots this year. He needs to be starting everyday ahead of Laynce Nix when Chris Dickerson/Willy Patter...I mean Taveras gets back.

Reds ahead, 2-0

3rd inning:

It's really hard for me to understand why Alex Gonzalez is still batting second. The guy shouldn't be anywhere above the 8th spot in the lineup. A natural 1-2-3 inning, because the top of the lineup is basically like a pitcher batting 2 more times.

4th inning:

Homer being very sketchy from a pitching perspective. He was throwing 98 at the beginning of he game, and is now only being clocked at 94. Walking guys and giving up least they're not 3 run-homers he likes to give up to Prince Fielder and Albert Pujols on a consistent basis.

Score is now 3-2, Rockies ahead.

Votto grounds out to 3rd, Phillips gets a single up the middle, Rolen fly out to Center, and Gomes looking silly on a strikeout.

5th inning:

I forgot to knock on wood last inning. Homer gives up a homer Seth Smith that went about 3/4 of the way up the stands in right field.

Score is now 4-2, Rockies still ahead.

6th inning:

Bailey giving up more hits. Leads to another run. The guy is nothing more than a quadruple-A player.

Rockies ahead, 5-2.

And another easy inning for Ubaldo Jimenez because of that nice little black hole he faces in the top of the Reds lineup. Dusty is a COMPLETE MORON for batting Gonzalez 2nd - he seems to have some sort of love affair with him, just like he did Jerry Hairston, Corey Patterson, and does with Willy Taveras. Gonzalez pops up to the infield EVERY SINGLE GAME, and I am getting tired of watching it! QUIT BATTING HIM 2nd ALREADY!!

6th inning:

Another easy inning for Ubaldo Jimenez. He made easy use of Jonny Gomes by making him look ridiculous again. And Laynce Nix is always making his average better by wiffing 2-3 times every game. Adam Dunn, Jr anyone? Difference...Dunn took walks.

Rockies STILL ahead 5-2.

7th and 8th innings

No scoring from the Reds, which is nothing new. Tonight, Sutton/Gonzalez combo in the top 2 spots of the order are 1-8. A whopping .125 average. Good job boys!

Dusty, is it so hard to have a lineup like this?

Hanigan - C
Phillips - 2B
Votto - 1B
Rolen - 3B
Gomes - RF
Nix - CF
Sutton - LF
Gonzalez - SS

I know batting a Catcher might seem like a cardinal sin to you, but the guy has one of the highest OBPs on the team and he gets base hits consistently. He has a good eye for the ball. He's not doing any justice for this team batting 8th.

More to come...

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